YouTube is the devil.

Have you ever found yourself being distracted at the work place? What is it that is distracting you? Could it be music, instant messages, or your RSS feeds? There are numerous ways to be distracted but I find that the one major thing that can get me distracted most is YouTube. A relatively new video service that allows people to upload videos for mass consumption. The videos range from Family Guy scenes to Russian Climbing Ninjas and anything else you can think of in between. You may be asking how can a site like this be so addicting? Well I’d be glad to fill you in.

The thing about YouTube is that once you click on a link to watch a video, in the sidebar right next to the video player is a list of other videos relevant to what you are currently watching. Naturally you would want to click on one of those as well to see more of your favorite stuff right? Well it is just a never ending loop that traps you in like a hampster on crack running around in his metal spinning wheel. As your watching a few of these videos, you start to wonder what else is available so then come the searches. I’m telling you, it is evil. Pure evil. To make matters worse, if you work with someone that likes the same sort of videos you do, it becomes an instant link exchange fest. “OH, did you see this one?”, laughter commences and before you realize it, you blown over an hour watching videos and clips. Madness.

Posted by: Shawn Grimes on August 08, 2006