Parallels Desktop 2.0 is a “must have” for many Mac owners

Parallels Desktop For Mac 2.0If you own a new Mac (the ones with the Intel chip), then you should strongly consider purchasing Parallels Desktop for Mac 2.0.  Unlike Apple’s Boot Camp, you can use Windows products in real time in Mac OS X versus having to restart everytime you need to run some PC application.

Whether you need to run Bible software, computer games or just your old Quicken checkbook software, Parallels will help you do just what you want, but without the downtime.

And, to top it off, I came across this Christmas special the developers are current offering:

Purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac or Parallels Workstation 2.2 for Windows & Linux by December 23rd 2006 and receive 1 year of Upgrade Protection for each purchased copy!“


Here’s a video showing some of the 2.0 upgrade’s newest enhancements.  It goes into even greater detail and is definitely worth a quick look.

Posted by: Dave Smay on December 13, 2006