Let there be light (bulbs)

Why do some businesses insist on skimping on their outdoor lighting?

Light Bulb Last night as I was driving home, I passed by my local Burger King and wondered (again) if they are even open.  At 9:00 pm.  Of course, it was open.  But it didn’t look open.  They had no exterior lighting with few visible lights on inside.  Even when I considered going through the drive-through for something, I had to pause and consider if I was wasting my time.  On either side of the restaurant were two other fast food joints (McDonald’s and Wendy’s) that were both lit up like the Fourth of July.

My point being that, if your customers don’t know you are in business, you can’t improve their lives with your wonderful product.

So, whatever you can do to spread your message to the masses, do it.  Even if that means turning on a few lights.

Posted by: Dave Smay on August 10, 2006