“Hey, Ya” Acoustic Version (Outkast cover)

If you’re a fan of acoustic music or the band Outkast (two TOTALLY different things), check out this video:

Mat Weddle of the indie band Obadiah Parker recently performed this cover of Outkast’s, “Hey, Ya,” at Xtreme Bean’s Studio Open Mic Night in Tempe, Arizona.

Though I’m not often a fan of cover music, this time I’m making an exception.  This guy’s cover work is REALLY good.  Those that know me know that I’m more an unplugged music nut (okay, okay - I’m a hippy), than a hip-hop music nut, so I can understand why I like it.  But, I’ve shown the clip to others this week and they seem to love it more than the original Outkast version, as well.

There’s tons of great work out there in the world.  And though I’m not a proponent of using someone else’s work, I must say that sometimes two people can take the same thing and make two totally different and absolutely remarkable results with it.

Check it out.  It’s definitely worth your time.

Posted by: Dave Smay on August 21, 2006