Feed your blog to twitter

twitterfeedIf you are like me, you have too many social networks to keep track of. Because of that, most of us tend to neglect those that never gain traction.  I’ve done it before, and probably will again.  The one social network I do use time and again is definitely twitter.  But, outside of that, I also use tumblr, twitpic, posterous, carbonmade. Because I prefer to tie them all into my twitter, I thought I’d try twitterfeed.

Getting started is easy.  Here’s how to get your blog (or any other RSS or Atom feed) twittering.

1) Create a new twitter user at twitter.com (or use your existing one)

2) Login to twitterfeed using your OpenID

3) Provide twitterfeed with the URL for your blog’s RSS feed, and how often it should post to twitter.

It’s that easy.  I’m trying it out, and so far, so good.

Posted by: Dave Smay on December 03, 2008