Do you Bootstrap?

If you haven’t read Seth Godin‘s FREE ebook, The Bootstrapper’s Bible, you are seriously missing out.  To download it, click here.

The Bootstrapper’s Bible covers just about any type of business and most any stage of a person’s life.  It’s more a frame of mind - and one that I’m always struggling to stay focused on.  To find out more, just check out Godin’s free manifesto and others at

Posted by: Dave Smay on April 26, 2007

Who are we, really?

There’s a ton that has been said about those who design websites for a living.  They are this, that and otherwise.  I for one am tall, old (feeling) and highly experienced when it comes to cleaning the company’s… umm… “facilities.”

If you are curious and want to show what we (and by we I mean the web and print design industries) are like, then by all means jump in and become a part of ALA’s big, online survey.  It won’t take more than a moment, and I’m curious what the results will show.

UPDATE: They are now giving away prizes at random just for filling out the survey.  So, if you are in need of a new 30GB Video iPod, here’s your chance to score one at no cost.

Posted by: Dave Smay on April 25, 2007

Flash sites are the devil

Kudos to for finally getting with the program and taking down their Flash-based website.

Earlier today, launched their new site - and did what I’ve been preaching to people for a while now: drop all flash-based websites.  Instead, they chose to use a faster, lighter, less error-prone website based off of good, old HTML and CSS.  I mean, have ya’ ever tried navigating backward on a flash site?  Just try hitting the back button and just see where you go!

Thanks to the latest move, I can now say again, “I want my MTV!”

(Note: Not really.  I just don’t have time to sit and watch MTV.  I’ve got better, more important things to do with my time… like get too busy and procrastinate on this blog...)

Posted by: Dave Smay on April 25, 2007

Q’Doba = Cinco de Mayo!

Q’Doba Restaurants earlier today sent out a fantastic, little marketing tool to their newsletter subscribers. 

In the mass email was a simple, yet clever “mock” nametag that encourages you to print it out and wear it to your respective Cinco de Mayo celebration (especially if that means going to your local Q’Doba location on May 5th.)

Great idea, Q’Doba! (I wish I had thought of it...)

Oh, and for what it’s worth: I won’t be doing anything but sleeping and hydrating the evening on Saturday, May 5th.  I have my first triathlon of the season on that next morning in Columbia, MO.  For more details or to enter the Race For Sight Triathlon, click here.

Posted by: Dave Smay on April 25, 2007